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Our story

Our story

The Islahiya Orphanage School started in 1992 under the Kumaranalloor Islahiya Arabic College and Orphanage Committee. Our school started at a time when there was no other high level of English Schools in rural areas. Particularly the Thrithala constituency was an area of social and educational backwardness. The aim of Islahiya was to make this change and bring back the backward communities. One thing is to be sure that all the academic students from our school are engineers and doctors by high-end class and have come to the top of the community. It is an important event in the history of Islahiya in establishing a computer center for ordinary people in the area with all the conveniences of years when the computer was only heard. Our academic ranges from KG level to Class 12 and maintained students from 2002 to 2018 with 100% success marks . Maulana Azad Foundation has been awarded with a reputation for providing the best school and resource with cash award , Price money and award recieved from the Chief Minister at Visakhapatnam, which won first place in the International Quiz competition of Kurukshetra Viknjana Samiti. And The Central Human Resource Development Ministry is also felicitating 10th grade teachers, Our school has got many awards. We have achieved many remarkable achievements in the arts and sports sector too. Digital classroom implementation is one of the achievements that can be accomplished before the entire classroom and other school premises are intended to be considered.


Major Missions

  • Provide quality education to the students in the rural area.

  • Bring back the backward Communities to the general public by providing English &technological education.

  • Make a space for ordinary people to be in a good position in our society.

  • We need to make our students into great individuals

  • We additionally endeavor to advance extracurricular activities and the innovativeness of our students.

We will provide quality education and at the same time, we give importance to extracurricular activities.We try to bring back the backward Communities In Front of the public by providing English &technological education to them. Beyond caste & color, our students will study equally.


To mold an effective future generation of our country. They will shine like a star in every field. To make them think advance. Education is an equal right to everyone so we want to educate without any boundaries. To make our students better human beings They will study beyond the books about friendship, kindness, discipline, respect.

Major Visions

  • Academic students from our school will become engineers and doctors by high-end class and have come to the top of the community.

  • We want to Make our school a guide to alternate ones

  • Education does rely on Academics as well as relies upon the development of a student.

  • Through advancing innovative and technological education we can roll out an improvement in our Educational framework.

  • We have the vision to make our school completely with digitized classrooms.